The Days Of Ukrainian Cinema Held In Munich

“The Panorama of Ukrainian Cinema” has finished in Munich, Germany. A week long festival of the Ukrainian film was held on September 8-16, 2009. The event was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of fraternal relations between Kyiv and Munich.
Within the bounds of the festival, the wide audience could see the films by leading Ukrainian directors. In total eight full-length and six short films has been shown.

The program of the festival includes the demonstration both classical Ukrainian films as “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” by Sergei Parajanov, “A Well for the Thirsty” by Yuri Illenko, “Brief Encounters” by Kira Muratova, “Flights in Dreams and in Reality” by Roman Balayan and modern Ukrainian cinema that were presented with “Mamay” by Oles Sanin, Kira Muratova’s “Two In One”, “Near the River” by Eva Neumann. Ukrainian shorts and animation films were shown in the special  program during the whole day.

“The Panorama of Ukrainian Cinema” was held in a prestigious cinema museum in Munich under the auspices of the Ukrainian Cinema Foundation and the city hall of the Bavarian capital. The director of the Ukrainian Cinema Foundation Andriy Khalpakhchi said, that he hopes that this event will become very important in cultural exchange with Germany.