The New Sound Of Dovzhenko’s ‘Zemlya’

The film-concert “Zemlya” (The Land) will be shown in Kyiv today. It is an original Ukrainian and French co-production. The project has become possible with a support of The Louvre Museum, The French Embassy in Ukraine and Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The main purpose of this project is to join the famous cinema’s masterpiece and the courage of new French music.

During the film-concert the movements of the camera and the rhythms of guitars (The Sphota band) now blends with each other, now diverges. It makes the viewers to see the Dovzhenkko’s film in a different unexpected way.

In 1958 “Zemlya” (The Land) was entered in the list of “The dozen of the best films from all over the world”.

The Sphota music band was formed in 2000 with a tendency to create the music “in a different way”. The Sphota develops a new method of work. It is based on improvisation and creating such concepts of writing that could help to perceive the music as a comprehensive whole: the sound, the form and the movement.