Peter Greenaway Comes To Kyiv

Peter Greenaway is going to visit Kyiv these days. The famous British film director, writer, screenwriter and artist was invited to open The 1st Kyiv International Film Festival where ‘Rembrandt’s J’accuse’ his last film would be shown. Inauguration of the festival will be held in May 29, 2009 in Ivan Franko National Theatre. Next day Peter Greenaway will deliver the lection ‘NEW POSSIBILITIES’.

‘I will select clips to show the range of possibilities in the new cinema that involves many different types of project related to cinema, television, museums, collections,installations etc – but all with an eye to the amazing fascinations of contemporary tape-based cinema language.’ Greenaway said in the interview.

Peter Greenaway is known for his paradoxical statements. For example, he believes that the film is a non-narrative art. «I do not feel like a director to the full extent – admits Peter Greenaway – rather «hybrid», the things that I am really interested in are the art and literature. I am interested in transferring the idea with the help of pictures and visual means. I am the «image-maker».

Peter Greenaway’s films are notable for their visual splendor, a kind of unreality and theatricality of the image. According to many experiments in combination of styles and stylistic allusions Greenaway is one of the most prominent representatives of the postmodernist style. The director also uses the latest audiovisual technology. Because of the brave and frank scenes many of his films were rated X that virtually prohibits public display.