Samuel L Jackson Will Save “Faina” In The Film

The company of Samuel L Jackson and H20 Motion pictures optioned the biography of Andrew Mwangura for screening. Samuel L Jackson the famous Hollywood actor is going to play the leading part in the movie about the founder of the outreach program for ferrymen.

Mwangura was also the  anchorman in a story with “The Faina” water craft and that who got negotiated with African pirates in September 2008. There were 33 tanks, 6 plants of volley fire, grenade launchers on a “Faina” board. 17 Ukrainians, 3 Russians and a Lett were taken in hostage by Somalia pirates. Thanks to Mwangura it was possible to ransom “The Faina” and the boatful in February, 2009.

At once after the incident the chairman of H20 Motion Pictures had negotiation with Mwangura and to got permission on shooting the film about him.