The New Shapiro Film Screening

The Kyivites have the opportunity to see the last film by Olexander Shapiro on the wide screen. It’s being screened from DVD in Russian with Ukrainian subtitles in some Kyiv’s cinemas since January 29. “The Casting” is another provocative film-experiment of Shapiro.

Olexander Shapiro is known to be famous for his scandal reputation and original view at cinema as art.  This film is also made in a peculiar author’s manner. There is no traditional final as it is in the film. It continues after subtitles and stopped abruptly.  Distinctive protagonists and curse words are also present. “The Casting” got different appraisals and rather discrepant reviews.

“The Casting” is a film-happening with a lot of participants. It consists of 37 episodes. Every actor plays the part of himself and represents some social group at the same time. The main intrigue was in the process of filming. People invited for the film casting acted according to the situation. They tried to come out strong and hadn’t even known that film shooting had been started.

Premiere of the film took place at the non-competition program of Cannes Film Festival 2008.